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Forrester Groundswell Awards Winners

2013 Forrester Groundswell Awards Winners

We received 141 entries in 2013. Here are the best of the best.


Business to Business: Social Reach

Brainshark Champion

Brainshark Champion

By Brainshark
We created the Brainshark Champion program to capture the tremendous goodwill of our enormous fan base. Our customers and users already provide us with testimonials, reviews, and case studies. However, we knew that if we could organize and nurture them, we would be able to do so much more together. So we created an online community using Influitive's AdvocateHub. Here, our customers turn into advocates by participating in challenges, ranging from retweeting a blog post to referring a new prospect to us.

As a part of this community, our champions get opportunities to learn, network with each other, and improve their mastery of our products - making it a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Earlier this year, we even got our employees involved in the program, working alongside our customers to increase our brand awareness and user base.

Business to Business: Social Depth

Webroot Ambassador Program

By Webroot
Enjoyment in security means "I'm not hacked" or "My business isn't hacked." At Webroot, we realized that our business customers are not only satisfied in terms of our antivirus protection, but they truly love the innovative approach that we've taken on security - and in January 2013, we created a program to identify these folks and cultivate the relationship.

Rather than a typical loyalty or referral program, we simply asked people to help impact the industry. No incentives. No requirements other than being a happy customer. In a few short months, this idea is now a full program - with 210 members, an online community, video testimonials, branding, participation in case studies and more. The Ambassadors have not only helped us tell our story better, but they've taught us about the pains that we can help future customers overcome when they switch to a cloud security solution.

Business to Business: Social Relationship

EngineerZone Technical Support Community

By Analog Devices, Inc.
EngineerZone is a technical support community designed to support design engineering customers across the globe, designing in Analog Devices' parts into their next product.

The Problem:
How can we improve our support mechanism and help customers get their products to market faster?
How do we scale our support resources across 60,000 core market customers and fragmented application areas who do not have access directly to a salesperson or FAE?
How do we offer support options to customers 24x7, globally and beyond phone and web form submission?
How do we improve customer loyalty and retention, as well as repeat sales?

We recognized that:
Engineers support needs had changed, requiring faster time to market and more, complex projects
More design expertise needed across the entire signal, no longer specialized
One-to-many support leverages the "wisdom of the crowd"
Engineers can "self-serve" and search vast amounts of technical discussions

In 2009, ADI launched EngineerZone for the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Division. Within a year later, additional divisions and product lines were added and the site now supports over 15 user community topics.

Business to Consumer: Social Depth

MSOE Bridge Admissions Social Community

MSOE Bridge Admissions Social Community

By MSOE, developed by 7Summits
Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is a private, non-profit university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MSOE was looking for ways to transform their admissions experience to be more engaging and connect with a generation that lives on social media. MSOE partnered with 7Summits to develop a rich online "owned" community and integrated application tool that engages prospective students in an ongoing discussion. The robust online community, Bridge, creates a space where students, parents, and counselors can share resources and engage in conversation. It also serves as a launch pad to the admissions process. Once a part of the community, candidates can apply via a powerful application form using Facebook Connect that is directly integrated with MSOE's back office ERP. An online dashboard is then available for students to follow an advanced tracking monitor, review accomplishments, and learn what steps are needed to gain acceptance to the program.

- Presentation Overview
- Video Overview
- Portfolio Overview

Business to Consumer: Social Reach

City Year #makebetterhappen

City Year #makebetterhappen

By City Year (created by allen & gerritsen)
City Year, an education-focused non-profit, works with at-risk students in urban schools across the U.S. Each year, it recruits teams of young adults, called corps members, to dedicate a year of fulltime service to help students stay in school and on track to graduate.

Finding high-performing young adults to serve with City Year is vital to their success. But, awareness of the organization was modest at best (25% among college students prior to the campaign).

Our mission: to increase awareness among high-potential prospective corps, with a focus on college-going males/females, 17-24 years old.

Research told us that this audience trusted the word of their peers above that of institutions. So, we adopted a hashtag, #makebetterhappen, to allow current corps members to share their experiences on Twitter, creating a rich, constantly updated content stream that spreads their stories to the world - and most importantly, to prospective corps members. And the results speak for themselves.

Business to Consumer: Social Relationship

Dr Pepper Social Media Program

By Code and Theory
2010 and 2011 were historic years for Dr Pepper-the brand grew from 1.4 million fans to 10.9 million fans on Facebook-but in the beginning of 2012, our fans weren't engaging with the brand like they had in the past. So we hit the reset button and revamped our content strategy.

Our goal? Reignite fan passion and, in turn, drive in-store sales.

The social media strategy was three-fold:

(1) Champion the "Pepper" lifestyle - We started sharing content that was inspired by our die-hard fans. The true Peppers.

(2) Speak the language of the Internet - We anticipated Internet and technology trends and put a "one-of-a-kind" spin on them in real time.

(3) Insert the brand into pop culture - We adopted a newsroom approach, posting about hot topics while they were fresh in our fan's minds.

Business to Consumer: Mobile

American Greetings -- justWink App Campaign

By YuMe
American Greetings sought to engage and inform consumers about justWink, a brand new line of greeting cards that could be accessed in-store, online and via mobile apps for iOS and Android. justWink enables users to easily customize greeting cards with their own photos and messages, then the final card can be sent via e-mail, text message, Facebook, or a printed version via snail mail - all through an easy-to-use application. The industry-first "Mobile Flip" video ad unit by YuMe was a natural fit to offer consumers a rich, immersive experience regardless of the viewer's device OS, screen size, or screen. The main objective of the campaign was to promote brand awareness and drive users to interact with the justWink app. YuMe Mobile Flip allowed justWink to offer consumers a 30-second, interactive video in which the user could move back and forth between slates with a single tap or swipe, hastening their research, accelerating decisions and allowing for instant further interaction with the brand.

Business to Employee: Mobility

Crawford CAT Connection

Crawford CAT Connection

By Crawford & Company
When global disasters strike, the major insurance carriers count on Crawford & Company for rapid claims management. Whether it's hurricanes in the US, tsunamis in Japan or earthquakes in Chile, Crawford must deploy a small army of claims adjusters to conduct business in the world's most devastated regions. These adjusters are not full-time Crawford employees -- they are contractors assembled on-the-fly. Crawford has used the Appian BPM Suite to build CAT Connection -- a mobile app adjusters use to be effective in catastrophic conditions. The app uses device geo-location to pinpoint the closest and best adjuster for a given claim site. Crawford then sends the assignment to the identified adjuster, who accepts it, gets to the location with Google Maps integration, and completes and uploads all forms (including images and voice notes) - all from the single app. The app is part of Crawford Community, an Appian-based social application to centralize all disaster-related resource management.

Business to Employee: Collaboration

Enterasys Sales 2.0

Enterasys Sales 2.0

By Enterasys
What does it take to achieve a Net Promoter Score that is higher than any other networking provider? For Enterasys, it was implementing a company-wide social revamp utilizing top-of-the-line social and collaboration technologies, including Salesforce Chatter, Google Apps, TimeTrade, Influitive and Hoopla. The main initiative driving the adoption was Enterasys' Sales 2.0 program, which uses social and cloud solutions to enhance sales effectiveness, leveraging social networking as a part of the company's sales and marketing process.

Another key component of Enterasys' social revamp is its use of Hoopla, which brings an element of gamification to drive sales activity. Furthermore, Enterasys also provided employee-wide social media training sessions, conducted "social media jams" led by their CEO and enlisted TimeTrade, which drove a 5-10% increase in appointments for the sales organization with a minimal investment.