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Tyler Community

By Tyler Technologies, Inc.

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Tyler Technologies serves the public sector with a software portfolio designed for cities, counties, agencies and schools to manage complex day-to-day business functions related to appraisal & tax, courts & justice, ERP, financial, CIS/CRM, public safety, and school software applications. Tyler is the largest public sector software provider in the United States with over 11,000 clients.

For support, Tyler clients could call in an issue, start an online chat, create a support ticket, or get information from the support portal during regular work hours. Social support in online technologies was not the norm, though clients wanted quicker ways to get help without waiting on the phone or in a chat conversation.

We built Tyler Community, an online knowledge sharing and support community for clients to help each other/find their own answers. Building on Open Government and Gov 2.0 initiatives, we are moving public sectors into more transparent, social channels for getting support they need, building relationships with their peers and contributing to product development enhancements.

This is a first-ever social community for government and school entities to use for software support and customer engagement. We have increased membership from 200 to almost 16,000 members in 18 months. Tyler community hosts 125 different groups and 151 forums for discussion. High adoption and community support contributes to the community's value. The community is a key sales differentiator with competitors; competitors are using Facebook or basic forums, but not gaining the kind of traction we have. Widespread adoption is critical for local governments to get quicker support and access to experts. This initiative is also creating better relationships with clients and increased customer-driven product feedback, with 183 submitted ideas approved for development in the last 6 months alone. Tyler has replaced the all too common email blast to announce training and user group sessions by keeping that information on the community. 4 of our product groups use Community to announce and collaborate User Group information, All of our wiki's are populated with help articles, training announcements, FAQ's and videos used for software support. All 21 of our product lines are using the wiki for Release notes and software updates. Since January of 2013 we have answered 1,919 forum questions, which for Tyler, means several hundred less calls to our support department. The average reply time for our forums is anywhere from 13 seconds to 20 minutes.

February 2012 to present.

Tyler Community