Purina: The Petcentric Moment Studio

By Deep Focus

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Petcentric by Purina is driven by the simple notion that life is better with pets. To truly support this culture, Petcentric needed to pursue an outbound publishing strategy to help their amazing content find their readers everywhere online, not just on their own website. Petcentric and Deep Focus charted a multi-year strategy to answer this challenge. At its center was an overhaul of its social program, particularly its Facebook programming.

Central to this solution was Petcentric becoming a charter member of the Deep Focus Moment Studio. The Moment Studio is Deep Focus's creative newsroom for hire, a real-time social creative production team capable of generating engagement-optimized visual and video content that appeals to the interests and sensibilities of brands' followerships and target audiences.

On an always on basis, Deep Focus created an editorial program for Petcentric that publishes a combination of owned (produced via the Moment Studio & Petcentric.com) and curated content.

We shot, produced and published a steady cadence of content that illustrated the joy of bringing pets into your home. Working carefully with Facebook, we boosted the most iconic and effective shots chosen based on best practices we developed through experience and creative tests with our community. We used the notable engagement and virality achieved to improve the community's overall edgerank performance, allowing us to successfully reach a much higher number of friends and friends of friends. This, of course, lifted our overall engagement, reach and even fan acquisition at the portfolio level.

We achieved a monthly reach of more than 38MM unique users on Facebook alone, and, as a bonus, we acquired nearly 350,000 additional likers with no additional media spend. Individual posts achieved incredible engagement: one post received nearly 200,000 likes and nearly 20,000 shares.

Most importantly, we spread the joy of pet ownership to millions, and furthered the Petcentric brand mission.

October 2012 - Present

Purina: The Petcentric Moment Studio