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2012 was the year for Pepsi to Live For Now. Our challenge? Convene the world's online fans of this iconic brand around that spirit and celebrate it in everything we do. Along with Pepsi and our partners, we transformed the brand's social agenda to one that exuded Live For Now in every image, copy and conversation.

In the summer of 2012, we began a focused collaboration with OMD, Facebook and the Pepsi brand team to create a strategy to (re)define key performance indicators, double down on the creation of brand-building engaging content, and build a revolutionary process for implementing real-time native media buying.

In a 30-day sprint, we developed a rapid cadence of the kind of image-based branded content that had already made the brand an engagement leader on Facebook and twitter. Our content was relevant and tapped into the cultural interests of fans. Our voice was strong and our content was genuine. We threw out polished images and traded them in for social quality photos.

Our agile content creation was supported in real-time with media support from OMD. Working closely with OMD, all posts that reached a high, threshold virality rate were promoted using Facebook ads & stories, allowing Pepsi to reach even more of its fans with the best content.

During the 30 days, Pepsi's average post engagement skyrocketed 114%, while boosting our PTAT by 179% and reporting an increase in viral reach by 1133%-making Pepsi's fans 40% more active on the page. Of the 46mm unique users, 31mm were tapped into through viral reach. That's like, friends of friends of friends.

To top it off, Pepsi gained 250,000 fans without any direct fan acquisition campaigns. That's a whole lot of people who Live For Now.

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Pepsi Social Media Communications