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Sunbelt Rentals, the second largest equipment rental company in the United States, serves a wide variety of customers -- from commercial, residential, municipal, and specialized service industries to weekend do-it-yourselfers.

To give employees the power to communicate more effectively, better manage customer relationships, and provide superior service, Sunbelt built Accelerate. Accelerate is a custom-designed iPad application engineered to improve how Outside Sales Representatives manage and grow customer relationships. The application increases visibility, productivity, and control over customer interactions -- ultimately giving individual representatives the power to help their customers get access to the materials they need to finish their jobs.

Accelerate, designed for Sunbelt's Outside Sales Representatives (OSRs), helps identify the right equipment, on the right schedule, and get a confirmed price to a customer faster than the competition.

Sunbelt's goals are to improve the quality of each customer interaction, make it easier for OSRs to find and share information, and enhance customer satisfaction through visibility, information access and speed to market.

Since launch Accelerate has helped Sunbelt:
* Give over 1,200 employees more control over customer interactions, daily
* Double customer contacts, rapidly solving problems and moving projects forward
* Drive 40,000 new qualified leads, identified and shared directly by employees
*Achieve rapid ROI, driving a 14% ROI on their investment

January 2012 to present