Mobility Transforms Old Manufacturing Process with Eaton's PowerSource™ app

By Eaton Corporation

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Eaton's PowerSource™ is an interactive, multimedia iPad application built for Eaton's sales team and distributors. Truly unmatched by Eaton's competitors, the app has shortened the sales cycle from days to minutes, transforming Eaton's business and giving them a substantial competitive advantage. Replacing 15 to 20, 500-page printed product catalogs in one easy-to-use application, PowerSource contains detailed information on more than 200,000 hydraulic products that Eaton sales representatives and distributors can use anytime and anywhere, online or offline. With PowerSource, the field can access 3D parts modeling, training videos, and detailed specs on thousands of products. With real-time updates, including pricing, technical specs, competitor cross-references and customer history, sales can now happen in real-time at the point of customer interaction, where data can be captured, proposals crafted, and orders entered. All of this is handled through sophisticated user interfaces, each designed to serve a particular data requirement. Eaton partnered with AT&T, Antenna Software and Hanson to develop the app, leveraging leading mobile application platform technology and design services.

The goal of Eaton PowerSource was to shorten the sales cycle, modernize sales processes and tools, and increase the speed with which new product information was available to sales reps. All of these challenges were addressed as a result of the app, which has enabled Eaton to revolutionize its sales process.The PowerSource app dramatically reduced the sales cycle from weeks to days or even hours -- increasing the number of deals closed on the first day of engagement. Since Eaton deployed the app, there has been a reduction in customer support call volume and in customer engagement time to achieve solutions, saving Eaton time and money. Giving the sales team easy access to up-to-date product and pricing information has also helped Eaton optimize margins and improve its market position. With PowerSource, Eaton has also gained a significant competitive edge, showing itself to customers as innovative and forward-thinking. The app is unmatched by Eaton competitors -- there is truly nothing else like it in use in the manufacturing industry.

November 2011 - Present

Mobility Transforms Old Manufacturing Process with Eaton's PowerSource™ app