Engaging and Energizing Experts for Superior Support

By Hewlett Packard

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The award-winning HP Consumer Support Forum connects HP customers online to exchange insights, tips and answers to questions. Volunteer "HP Experts" are the heart of the Forum, providing 50%+ of the solutions.

With the growth of the Forum, HP needed to energize and grow its base of Experts and created multiple activities to motivate Experts and extend their reach:
* HP Social Support Summit: In March 2012, HP invited 140+ of its top global Experts to a Social Support Summit to share best practices, explore HP technologies, and celebrate their contributions.
* Worldwide expert meet ups: Meet-ups bring together regional HP employees and local volunteers for informal social gatherings to exchange ideas and solutions.
* Contest: HP introduced a gaming challenge for top contributors to respond to threads on the least active forum boards.
* Expert Days: 24-hour Expert "marathons: on specific topics designed to accelerate solutions to customer issues.
* Unanswered Questions Widget: A widget displaying unanswered forum posts to allow HP Experts fast and easy access to neglected posts, resulting in faster response times and more satisfied customers.

Since their inception in 2009, the Forums have saved an estimated $50 million per year, hundreds of millions of man-hours, and helped 40 million+ HP customers solve technology issues. In the past month, each accepted solution on the forum was viewed 2,000 times on average, meaning that the HP Experts potentially solved 2,000 customer issues per resolution.

The energizing initiatives have resulted in the following:
* The number of Experts has grown 68% and Accepted Solutions have grown 152% since January 2011
* The number of Expert posts, solutions and reader appreciation "Kudos" has doubled in the past year
* Contests resulted in a 75% answer rate and 50% response time reduction for low-performing boards during a 2-week period
* Forum traffic has risen to 6 million visitors per month

In-person events have led to increased collaboration between Experts and HP employees, and in turn, led to increased customer solutions. Following face to face interaction with HP employees, one Expert's accepted solution rate improved by 113%.

With increasingly energized Experts, the forums are expected to exceed one billion page views by December.

HP's Consumer Support Forums available since 2009. Expert Days commenced 2009. Expert meet ups commenced 2010. Expert contests/campaigns commenced 2011. Inaugural Social Support Summit occurred March 2012.

Engaging and Energizing Experts for Superior Support