Create Now -- Adobe Creative Cloud Launch Social Activation

By Adobe

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Adobe was launching a new offering -- Creative Cloud -- in April to the creative professional audience that would change not only the company's existing software offering model, but also the way creatives work. The Creative Cloud breaks the mold of how and where creatives work, giving them the latest creative apps and features when they are available, and allowing for more collaboration, file sharing, and publishing. The challenges were to convey this and catalyze social conversation in a way Adobe hasn't done with past product launches. These challenges demanded a campaign that would shift the focus from technology and product to a rallying cry that creative professionals can get behind socially.

The solution -- Create Now -- a manifesto that served as an anthem that elevated the product launch efforts for Adobe and became something the Creative Cloud brand stood for with the market introduction. This manifesto was, and continues to be, injected throughout the integrated online and offline efforts.

* The primary launch event on 4/23 generated conversation at the rate of a tweet per second

* Both scavenger hunts garnered more than 600 participants and generated positive social conversation and feedback

* The "30 Days of Giveaways"Facebook sweepstakes earned the Creative Cloud Facebook Page 14,500+ new Fans and garnered 32 million impressions

* The launch of Create Now and Creative Cloud:
o Received 83,000 launch-related social conversations within first 5 days, with 97% positive-neutral sentiment
o Incited 3,800+ #CreateNow Twitter conversations that generated more than 30 million impressions
o All of this drove 3 million plus visits from social media driven to during launch, with visitors touched by social accounting for 13% of Creative Cloud subscriptions and as much as 4% for other established Creative Suite products.

* Adobe activated customers in the "Creative Spotlight" blog series, highlighting user workflow experiences with Creative Cloud

April 2012 to present

Create Now -- Adobe Creative Cloud Launch Social Activation