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By Digital Influence Group

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To help Glidden engage their target audience and get them past inspiration and confidently move them towards action, Digital Influence Group created My Colortopia, a program with as the hub, featuring DIY design and decor bloggers, Q&A/advice columns, and tools designed to help the target turn personal passions and inspirations into color options for their spaces. The concept was to give consumers a friendly, open, non-intimidating program that allowed them to engage with people or tools to help them get unstuck and started on improving their spaces.

The custom designed tools work simply and beautifully -- "My Life, My Colors" turns a quiz about your personality into a color palette, while "My Image Inspiration" allows you to upload an inspiring photo and match key colors to Glidden paints. The program was designed to live as a distributed experience, and key tools and elements live within blogs, Facebook, Casa Sugar and Federated Media properties.

By providing tools and content that supports passion about the inspiration stage of painting and nurturing the desire to engage in conversations around home decor and style, the program has been successful in connecting Glidden with its target audience and increasing purchase consideration.

To date, the program has generated more than 50M digital exposures and 800K offline exposures overall. Visitors have left more than 2K comments across all properties and spent 1.5M+ minutes interacting with the site content and tools, such as The My Life, My Colors quiz and My Image Inspiration tool, which have been interacted with more than 100K times. And they keep coming back for more. Nearly 40% of site visitors have visited and return to the community to interact with the content after their initial visit. What's more is that as a result of experiencing the My Colortopia program, shoppers are now 70%+ more likely to consider purchasing Glidden Paint for a future project.

November 2011 to Present

Glidden My Colortopia