EMC's RAMP Energizes User Engagement by 21% with Gamification

By EMC & Badgeville

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EMC leveraged The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to build what it called RAMP -- the Recognition, Awards & Motivation Program. RAMP sits on top of EMC's Community Network (ECN), a Jive-based online community of 240,000 people that brings together EMC customers, partners and employees.

EMC utilized Badgeville's robust Game Mechanics to drive, influence, and reward valuable user behaviors across ECN. The Behavior Platform allowed EMC to gamify virtually any user behavior across its ecosystem, including:

*Complete a task
*Start a discussion
*Answer a question

EMC also configured hundreds of Achievements that users unlocked for performing these behaviors. Missions walked users through a sequence of relevant achievements inside ECN that showcases their expertise within a particular EMC product area, such as cloud computing or content management.

Since building and layering Badgeville's Game Mechanics on top of its Jive-based ECN Community, EMC has seen a 21% increase in overall user activity, including lift in these key behaviors (percent increase):

** +10% Documents Created
** +10% Visits
** +12% Page Views
** +15% Replies to Discussion Threads
** +19% Files Downloaded
** +41% Videos Watched

May 2012 to Present

EMC's RAMP Energizes User Engagement by 21% with Gamification