Content Curation of the SAP TechEd Conference


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SAP TechEd is the premier technical education conference from SAP, attracting annually over 22,000 attendees, at 4 events around the world. The goal of the brand extension programs is to syndicate SAP TechEd content beyond the conference walls, taking the experience from 3-5 day events, to a year-round 24/7 virtual platform, targeting primarily the SAP Community Network of over 2.5 million members. With so much information available at events and on the Web, we strive to get the best, most relevant content into the hands of our target audiences, through a comprehensive strategy deploying content across all channels, using a variety of marketing best practices. In collaboration between the SAP Global Event and Digital, Social and Community (DiSCo) teams, the content is optimized to be desirable and sharable - and available to audiences world-wide at no cost.

Realizing that audiences want to interact with content at different levels of participation, SAP TechEd content strategy leverages the latest social and digital technology to create real-time, engaging experiences. As a result of its extension programs, SAP TechEd effectively expands the reach of SAP TechEd content from 22,000 attendees present at the 4 physical events to a reach of over 524,300 touch points (an increase of 2,283 %). When adding interaction from social media, the figures jump to 47,841,593 shared pieces of in-person and online digital content including presentations, demos, forums, blogs, videos, pictures, etc. The wide distribution of free content has helped expand SAP TechEd brand and consequentially increased attendance to the physical events by 37% (from 16,000 in 2010 to 22,000 in 2011) and online views by 150%.
* Stats are August 2011 to date, concurrent with our annual conference cycle, unless noted.

August 2011 to present

Content Curation of the SAP TechEd Conference