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Sneakpeeq is a new kind of e-commerce site that's redefining the way people shop and discover emerging brands and products. The San Francisco-based social shopping site makes it easy and fun for customers to connect with millions of up-and-coming style, home, and living brands. It delivers these products on elegantly designed pages for each retailer.

Sneakpeeq deployed smart gamification across their website with The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to attract and engage long-term customers. As users visit different stores on Sneakpeeq, they earn points for performing valuable behaviors that show their affinity for different products.

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PEEQ -- Users can "peeq" to see a special price.
LOVE - Users can curate products they "love" and showcase them on their user profiles.

At the end of every shopping day, top users are rewarded with special rewards, such as site credit that can be redeemed at any Sneakpeeq store.

In total, Sneakpeeq has driven millions of more peeqs, with an average 70% month-over-month lift since launching Badgeville. Overall, they've seen a 935% lift in the number of loves, and 590% increase in shares.

"The more peeqs and loves customers do throughout the day, the more engaged they are on new products," says Neil Gandhi, Sneakpeeq's Senior Software Engineer. "With that level of engagement, we've found they have a much higher likelihood not only to buy, but to frequently return and engage with other Sneakpeeq stores."

The net result: As users become more engaged, they're more likely to buy products. During their first six months, Sneakpeeq has seen a 3,000% lift in the number of buy clicks, which has translated into an average 18% month- over-month growth rate in conversions

Nov-2011 to Present

sneakpeeq - New Kind of Social Shopping