Engine Yard Energizes Their Support Community

By Engine Yard & Badgeville

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Engine Yard is a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) company that provides developers with an easy, cost-effective solution for cloud application development and deployment. With the company's rapid growth, it faced a challenge to support questions from its fast-growing global customer base. The company wanted to build a self-sustaining customer community that would spur innovation, streamline support, capture product feedback, and recognize key contributors in the process.

While Engine Yard leveraged Zendesk's quality SaaS support product to help customers submit support tickets and access the Engine Yard knowledge base, one challenge remained: With busy schedules and many technologies jockeying for their customers' attention, how could they get people to utilize it before they jumped directly to submitting support tickets?

Engine Yard decided to integrate Badgeville's Behavior Platform directly into Zendesk to drive adoption and usage of its support community, using Game and Reputation Mechanics to reward user contributions and expertise. After just weeks of deployment, the company had a creative way to engage customers and help them find the information they needed to succeed.

By driving higher levels of community engagement on their Zendesk instance, Engine Yard is able to better serve customers, and help them help themselves. Since deploying Badgeville into their Zendesk community, Engine Yard has seen:
**20% reduction in tickets per customer on average
**40% increase in forum engagement and knowledge base searches
**40% improvement in ticket response time by Engine Yard's support team

Engine Yard continues to innovate in using game mechanics to reduce support costs and create a more collaborative customer community for getting involved and sharing knowledge, expertise and experience.

May 2012 to Present

Engine Yard Energizes Their Support Community