SmartBear Gets Smart on Social

By SmartBear Software

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SmartBear Software was founded in 2010 as a union of many different testing and development tools, each with their own identity. Ever since the social revamp at the beginning of this summer, one of SmartBear's social goals has been to unite these products under one cohesive brand. SmartBear's social success is a combination of record-breaking social lead generation and necessary transparency and personality.

SmartBear's social revamp in May 2012 included hiring full time blog and social media managers, relaunching the blog to produce consistently fantastic content, increasing post frequency across all channels, and showing a little personality through social-driven campaigns.

In addition to an external "talking" strategy, SmartBear rallied internally and encouraged our team members around the world to be more social. After hosting a Twitter 101 workshop and initiating Yammer into company culture, SmartBear is beginning to utilize our resources from the ground up.

For SmartBear, social media has shifted from a passive, supportive platform to a lead-driving, brand-building asset that's essential to success in both branding and lead generation. People are shouting, sharing, ranting, and raving on social media - we want to be a part of the conversation among testers and developers.

Since May, SmartBear's social reach across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ has grown 130%. Social is responsible for 303 leads in the month of August, thanks to cross-platform messaging about the newest eBook on HTML5 automated testing. Perhaps most importantly, SmartBear is using social as a two-way street. Over the last three months, the average daily @SmartBear mentions on Twitter has doubled as folks reach out to us directly with a mix of questions, complaints and praise.

There is, of course, much more to be done on social. Influencer outreach, building relationships, and - most of all - listening are becoming a priority. SmartBear is a resource, not just a series of products, and we need to know what our users and followers are saying so we can improve across all platforms.

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SmartBear Gets Smart on Social