Building a Better Inbound Marketing Machine -- How to Amplify Your Impact

By Marketo

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Slideshare has always been an essential part to Marketo's overall B2B content marketing and thought leadership strategies. Visual content is the future of content marketing and we take it a step further by integrating it with our entire marketing mix. Working with Column Five media, we created a custom slide presentation called "How to Build a Better Inbound Marketing Machine". The presentation gives marketers a blueprint of how to build a better inbound marketing machine, and how to keep it well oiled in order to maximize overall marketing ROI. We also introduce the Inbound Marketing Multiplier, which can help marketers generate more subscribers, more shares, and ultimately more customers around their inbound marketing strategy.

Key takeaways from the presentation include:

* In the new world where buyers are in control of self-educating, the job of a marketer is not to find leads; it is to help leads find them. Inbound marketing is a way of reaching prospects in this new buying model.

* Inbound marketing is a powerful tactic, but alone cannot drive the maximum revenue possible; it must be incorporated into the overall marketing mix if marketers want to see bottom-line results.

* Combining inbound and outbound strategies will help a company's content spread further, a technique we refer to as the Inbound Marketing Multiplier.

* Marketing automation enhances and amplifies inbound marketing and leads to shorter sales cycles, increased revenue, and better overall marketing ROI.

In just over four weeks our Slideshare presentation had over 133,000 views (now up to 145,000) and hundreds of shares across the socialsphere. Additional key success metrics include:

Investment Cost: $5,000
Produced: 2,765 leads in 4 weeks
Produced: 57 prospects in 4 weeks
Cost per prospect: $94
Pipeline generated: $107,000
Campaign Success was picked up by Time Magazine:

So how were we successful? Now this of course is not an exact science, but having the following elements in place to promote and build awareness around your Slideshare presentation gave us a much better chance of increasing views and shares.

1) Make it a part of something bigger -- Our Slideshare presentation is a part of a much larger content initiative. At Marketo, we build our editorial calendar around monthly themes and then put together the content pieces to support that theme. Including but not limited to, Slideshare decks, white papers, blog post, email campaigns, and infographics.

2) Base your presentation on a topic you are an expert on - Inbound marketing plays a major role in marketing automation.

3) Take it on the road. We presented this slideshare deck at company meetings, user groups, meetups, webinars, and other conferences.

4) Taking a cue from our own presentation, we utilized both paid and earned media in your promotion strategy. A combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics fueled the instant virality and helped to break though our initial reach to a much larger audience.

5) Work with a partner who understands your goals -- Before we start any piece of content, we make sure to define our goals and find a partner to work with that understands these expectations.

Launched March 22, 2012 to present

Building a Better Inbound Marketing Machine -- How to Amplify Your Impact