Lithium contributes to Cisco's success reinventing Customer Support for high-tech products

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Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) uses social to reinvent Customer Support for high-tech products. The initiative transformed TAC's traditional escalation model and created a networked learning organization by creating knowledge through collaboration.

1. Intelligent Matching: Routes service requests to the right engineer first
2. Collaborative Engagement Model: Encourages experts to collaborate on complex issues within the CRM system and Tech Zone a Lithium community
3. Integrated Workflow: Aggregates multiple tools into a single interface
4. Knowledge Creation & Reuse: Captures crowd-sourced knowledge directly within the workflow
5. Reputation and Gamification: Encourages quality and participation with Lithium's social recognition tools

Adoption has gone viral and the results have been impressive:
* Participation went from 300 to 8,500 in nine months
* Generated $7 million in savings
* Reduced time-to-resolution by 32%
* Reduced case escalations by 42%

The business impact for Cisco's Technical Assistance Center has been remarkable. Estimated cost savings for the first year are $7 million with an anticipated return of $32 million over the next 3 years. The knowledge capture and sharing drove down Time-to-Resolution, as did the collaborative problem solving. Together these drove Time-to-Resolution down by an impressive 32%. As the social knowledge base grows, improvements in level-1 resolutions and time-to-resolution are expected. Case escalations are costly both in agent labor and customer effort. Case escalations were down by 42% and case transfers were down by 11%.

The service engineers have seen enormous value in the system and have readily adopted the new capabilities, which is particularly meaningful given the dramatic change in workflow. Active participation in Tech Zone is 75% and growing. The satisfaction rating for the process and tools is 4.6 out of 5 and savings in technical training is expected ~ $2 million per year.

May 2011 to present

Lithium contributes to Cisco's success reinventing Customer Support for high-tech products