The Heineken concept club

By Heineken & InSites Consulting

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With the "Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club" project, Heineken invited 19 up-and-coming designers to co-create a visionary pop-up club. To immerse in the nightlife journey, the design team connected with 120 design-savvy clubbers in an online research community. The in depth analysis of the more than 2000 comments in the consumer discussions resulted in the shaping of 28 insights. These insights, spread over six touchpoints, were integrated in a custom-designed interactive consumer journey map as a briefing for the design team. In the next stage, the designers joined the clubbers on the Heineken concept club community to spark ideas and share sketches. The interactive infographic did not only serve as a briefing and a source of inspiration, the research also proved to be crucial for the senior designers in making the final selection of ideas to be part of the actual club.

The Heineken concept club came to life for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2012 in Milan. By analysing the social media conversations on the project in the period February 11th 2012 to May 11th 2012, we learn that Heineken's presence at the Milan Design Week strengthened its ties with the design world from within the creative scene. Heineken "Open Design Explorations" was featured in 127 articles, mainly posted on specialty blogs focussing on one of the project's design disciplines. In the defined period, the project generated 1,595 conversations on Twitter, with a boost of 214 tweets on the third party night. These conversations show a highly positive sentiment and are connecting values like "uniqueness", "fun" and "surprise" to the Heineken brand. The highly targeted and content-led design campaign proved to drive market and media engagement, resulting in rich global coverage, sparking positive conversations and elevating Heineken's reputation in open design innovation.

August 2011 - October 2011

The Heineken concept club