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element14 Community

By Premier Farnell

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As we looked at how to engage more closely with our engineering customers, we recognized the value that social media could provide. By providing engineers across the globe a platform where they could connect, we could help them solve their engineering challenges, engage in direct two-way conversations with them, and have a direct line into their feedback on products and services. The element14 Community, launched in June 2009, was the first public-facing global community specifically for electronic engineers and electronics enthusiasts.

The only community of its kind, element14 has now become a place where electronic design engineers can connect with peers and experts to share new ideas and challenges they are facing, find accurate information and answers from a range of independent and manufacturer sources, find design solutions and services that save time, and discover inspiration from the latest innovations in the engineering space.

The element14 Community forms an important piece of Premier Farnell's business strategy to increase overall customer engagement, acquire new customers, gather valuable insights about products and services of interest to our customers, and increase overall sales to design engineers early in the design cycle. Against clearly-set targets, element14 has achieved the following over the past year:
- The Community amassed over 5.7M visits in the last year alone, with growth rates well over 200%.
- As members discuss trends, solve problems and share opinions on the latest happenings in the electronics design market, participation has grown at a rate of 60% annually.
- There are now 120,000 registered members, and about 5,000 new members join each month.
- We have over 45 recognized experts and bloggers publishing valuable content to keep members up-to-date on the latest technological developments.
- Our member base includes professional design engineers and enthusiasts from over 40 countries across the globe.
- The Community serves as an important tool to drive customer acquisition and sales. On a daily basis, 5 to 7% of our members click through to our transactional sites to view technical information and to purchase products.
- Growth of a loyal customer base -- Metrics show that returning customers average 33% on a weekly basis
- Targeted content, including several original video series, has increased organic visits by 107% in the last 6 months.

June 2009 - present

element14 Community