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How do you convey the benefits of an enterprise IT improvement program while reintroducing a one-time tools vendor to an executive audience? Create a story-driven video series built around four relatable characters.

Serena Software did just that with the Doug Serena, CIO web series, a five-episode docudrama chronicling an IT leadership team as they faced and overcame a company crisis. Serena hosted the videos on its YouTube channel as well as created a Doug Serena, CIO homepage housed on Serena's corporate website. The episodes premiered on consecutive Mondays throughout March and April 2012, drawing an audience of thousands and capturing attention from industry analysts and the media. Views continue to grow by hundreds per week, proving the campaign as a durably successful one. Serena created a brand for Doug Serena, CIO, complete with a Web page, weekly blog posts about the episodes, press releases announcing the show's launch and conclusion, and a successful Twitter presence.

The dramatic video campaign was a breath of fresh air into the world of enterprise IT that repositioned Serena in the minds of executives as a vendor that can help them in the boardroom. The story line of Doug Serena, CIO doubled as an innovative case study of Serena's technology in use and as a successful awareness initiative, generating more than 3,000 views and inspiring copycat efforts by Serena competitors. Serena has heard from impressed customers, industry analysts and technology journalists that the innovative web-series provides insight into the real world of senior IT leadership teams. Even though new airings have ended, views continue to grow on a daily basis, proving the campaign as a successful one. Media coverage from industry analysts and technology journalists has generated almost 50,000 impressions to date.

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