Cult Classic: How the Marmarati launched Extra-Old Marmite

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Unilever were developing a new "extra-strong" variant of Marmite, a yeast-extract breakfast spread in the UK that is marketed as a product which you either "Love" or "Hate".

Our challenge was to launch the product entirely using social media,
creating awareness and desire to trial the product amongst existing consumers, specifically the category of "extreme" Marmite Lovers (daily and high-volume users).

Our strategy was to position the product as something only the true Marmite fan would be worthy of having. Participation in the campaign would be a badge of honor for those people who really love Marmite.

The creative solution was an exclusive club - The Marmarati - a secret society with an entertaining and humorous tone of voice from the Victorian era.

By creating an exclusive group only for "super-fans", we launched the extra-strong variant at only 20% of the investment normally required.

At only 20% of the cost of typical product launch, Marmite XO achieved retail sales of over $600K in its first 6 months, with a premium price point during a period of recession.

Using the monitoring technology Sysomos to track the blog and Twitter elements of the campaign, we recorded over 6,000 twitter updates mentioning Marmarati, and 150 blog posts about the Marmarati and Marmite XO, reaching an estimated 2.4 million online readers.

In the month the competition was open, the website received 2,835 user registrations, 66,895 votes were cast on 846 approved entries uploaded (from over 1,200 total submissions).

In the 4 months of the campaign, Google Analytics recorded 28,377 unique visitors to the website; 54,285 total visits of average 2:45 minutes duration; generating over 302,000 pageviews.

The lasting result is the Marmarati community: loyal brand advocates available to help launch future products, a group who desire to be involved in an ongoing dialogue with the brand.

November 2009 to present

Cult Classic: How the Marmarati launched Extra-Old Marmite