How Rosetta Stone revamped support to mean success

By Rosetta Stone

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The ultimate mission of the Rosetta Stone Customer Success team is simple: To provide an easy and fun way to socially engage our learners; encouraging happy usage in their language program. We recognize that the mission is met by meeting learners on their turf and by providing fast, simple and proactive support solutions. We knew that our existing self-service support portal was not meeting those needs. We revamped and created "Success Central" - a user-friendly and effective online support experience. With a support center that engages our customers in a social atmosphere we are strengthening the relationship with our learning community. Success Central is poised to help us further cultivate 1:1 relationships with our learners in a scalable way, promote our awesome product and the people delivering it. Success supports across all channels, giving our language learners the ability to meet with us where they want; making it easier for learners to engage and help themselves.

Since the launch of the newly enhanced support center, visits to the portal have increased by more than 50%; with higher percentages of learners helping themselves in the portal rather than using it solely as a contact reference. Successful searches of articles have more than doubled allowing our customers to self-serve when they want; and FAST.

As we roll out new support languages, we are careful to ensure cultural distinction. We recognize that one method for helping a customer in English will not be expressed the same way in Korean. Moreover measures of success are different. Our content is created and managed solely by native speakers to allow for global standards and a stellar customer experience. Now live in two languages, serving the world, and seven languages in the pipeline, Success Central will continue to evolve and grow helping learners around the world to be successful in their language learning.

July 2011-present

How Rosetta Stone revamped support to mean success