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Bamboo is a multi-platform smart phone application which enables businesses to ensure their staff take the right actions, follow the most up to date procedures and plans and make the right decisions at the most critical time. Bamboo is a platform agnostic custom built Smartphone application which allows people to access their employer's most up to date BCM procedures, policies and plans via their Smartphone.

The application enables organizations to locate staff in real time, send messages to individuals and teams, find out required actions as well as locate alternate sites and view maps and directions.


Stores the most up-to-date plans, procedures and actions locally on each mobile device
Plans can be accessed, regardless of location and connectivity as they are stored locally on your device and updated via Push technology
Visual identity consistency - the application looks and feels the same regardless of the mobile platform used
Enables each person to understand their specific role during an incident
Bamboo Messenger allows cross-platform communications via the Data Layer of the mobile network

2009 to present