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Government and law enforcement officials spend critical time out in the field and away from their desks - it's essential that they have the information necessary to make the right decisions at their fingertips. LexisNexis Accurint Mobile application for the Blackberry, Apple iPhone and iPad connects government and law enforcement agencies to more than thirty billion public records and critical investigative tools needed to verify information in the field, and rapidly follow-up on new leads as they develop.

The application gives officers the ability to locate people and businesses, identify associations and generate comprehensive reports while doing investigations in the field. It enables officers to conduct field-based identifications of persons of interest and gather additional information during field interviews, such as important details on a person's past residences, affiliations and other items that can add vital evidence or leads at critical moments in the investigation. This unique application is helping solve cases in a timely and cost effective manner, with high satisfaction from field agents. The solution is available to all LexisNexis Accurint subscribers at no additional cost.

For the law enforcement community, the advancements in mobile access to vital information have significantly improved the way officers perform their duties and effectively achieve their missions. Accurint Mobile helps investigators solve cases faster, keeps investigations flowing in the field, and potentially saves lives. Officers can save precious minutes in time sensitive cases, and often keep themselves from entering dangerous situations through the use of this mobile app.

Mobile searches on Accurint have increased over 101% since the release of the iPhone and iPad apps in June. In addition to receiving the recent accolade on one of "3 Great Police iPhone Apps" by PoliceOne.com, Accurint Mobile is receiving excellent feedback from its customers, including one agent who indicated he successfully used the app to run license plates during a major operation. Another recent success story involves an investigator who leverages the app in the field during mortgage fraud cases to locate home buyers who have moved from their FHA insured homes.

June 2011 - present

LexisNexis Accurint Mobile