Psion's Ingenuity Working Community

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Ingenuity Working is an open online community, the ecosystem where Psion and its customers, resellers and developer partners meet, collaborate and work together to create the most customer-specific solutions in the industry. It extends the level of research and development resource Psion can harness to create customized offerings to its customers. By better understanding customer needs through the community, combined with the modular product platform, Psion provides existing and new customers with highly customized products, services and programs. This engagement results in cost reduction opportunities for customers, and growth opportunities for Psion and its partners.

Psion has improved the cost of sales while decreasing operating loss in an open and collaborative online social community. It has also realized a decrease in demand for help from Psion's support team. There is no other competitor in its industry doing what Psion is doing. The Ingenuity Working community has enabled Psion to speed past its competitors by removing barriers between employees, customers and partners, tapping into social market research, putting product R&D into the hands of customers and partners, and identifying a means to isolate product issues before they become serious problems. With over 12,000 registered users in the community, the site receives over 60,000 visitors per month. Adoption has been so successful that it has more visitors in its community than its corporate website ( In addition, community is twice as sticky in terms of site visit duration as compared to the corporate website.

March 2010 - present

Psion's Ingenuity Working Community