How BlackBerry Turned a Discussion Forum into a Social Community

By Research In Motion

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Customers are increasingly looking for more than just an answer to their support question. They want to be able to engage with a brand, connect through various channels, and interact with their peers. This led BlackBerry to evolve its Support Forums into something new - a Social Support Community that would address the growing needs of its users. Developed by Lithium Technologies, the site went from basic Support Forum to a redesigned, custom-built platform that empowers customers with the tools they need to get the best out of their product.

Recognizing that the BlackBerry community comprises more than just the end consumer, the expanded site now provides a tailored experience for each member based on the type of support they're looking for. Users can easily navigate to one of three distinct support categories: General, Business and Developer. From there, they have customized topic options that allow them to find solutions for their specific needs, with the right community members to assist in answering their queries.

The Support Community is now an award-winning, thriving and vibrant online space where BlackBerry users can assist each other in addressing their technical issues and create bonds with other community members who share their passion and enthusiasm for BlackBerry products and services.

The success of the transformed Support Community has been recognized this year through awards such as Best Community Story at the Lithium 2011 Social Customer Excellence Awards and Best Customer Service at the 2011 Shorty Awards.

And amidst all of this growth, BlackBerry doesn't show any sign of slowing down its trajectory to continue to empower and support users, discover more about products and services and grow a continued sense of loyalty to a brand they know and love.

The Numbers
Since the launch of the redesign in April 2011, we've seen:
- A 27% increase in average number of registrations
- A 18% increase in average number of page views
- A 10% increase in number of posts to the discussion boards

April 2008 to Present

How BlackBerry Turned a Discussion Forum into a Social Community