The Power of Advocacy: BlackBerry's SuperUser Program

By Research In Motion

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How can you nurture your brand advocates to help create and maintain a successful, self-sustaining and growing online Support Community? BlackBerry saw the opportunity to further embrace its Super User base and tap into relationships within both the brand and the community members. By developing a formal Super User program and rewarding them for their efforts, these advocates have truly become the "super glue" that holds the Support Community together.

BlackBerry first recognized that there were community members who demonstrated their expertise and passion on various Support channels by reaching out to other users and helping them with their queries. As a result, the brand's first step was to expand their Support Community platform and invite Super Users to the Expert Arena, a private, invite-only area. Here, they have direct access to RIM employees and can provide feedback, escalate community issues, or just plain socialize with other like-minded users who are equally dedicated to the community.

Many Super Users have spent over 20 hours a week participating in our Community and their individual post counts range from 500 to more than 35,000 posts, which is a significant contribution to the Support Community and enables the platform to remain self-sustaining.

On average, they spend approximately 900 hours a month on the Community addressing technical issues for users and by extension, saving the user from contacting their carrier or reaching out to the company for support.

- Over 40 Super Users within the Support Community
- More than 140,000 "Top Ten" posts by Super Users within the Community discussion boards
- Almost 20,000 posts by Super Users in the Expert Arena
- 10,000+ Accepted Solutions authored by Super Users

April 2008 to Present

The Power of Advocacy: BlackBerry's SuperUser Program