Come Back Ferrorama

By DDB Brasil

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We posted a video on YouTube in which Estrela's president challenged the biggest community
of Ferrorama's fans on Orkut (bigger than Facebook in Brazil). In order to prove their faith on
the return of the toy, the fans should make the train travel the last 12 miles of The Way of St.
James (El Camino de Santiago, the most famous pilgrim's route in the world). The group had
only 120 Meters of track and was told the train was not allowed to stop. The public could
follow the journey in real time via video, photos or tweets, and interact live with the team on its
website. After 5 days the fans reached their final destination, the St. James Cathedral. And the
president honored his pledge, re-launching the product.
It all started when we posted on Youtube a vídeo from the president of Estrela challenging the
Orkut Community. Then we created a Twitter account, a Facebook Fan page and a website to
broadcast and promote the trip. We created a contest among influencial bloggers to choose
one of them to join the trip, which gave us extra coverage. And we fed the press with relevant
content of each step of the trip, which helped a lot with the Buzz.

Well, for the client, it is definitely the most successful project re-launch project of its history. It
completely changed their communication strategy and even their business strategy. After
Come Back Ferrorama they are investing a lot to create digital platforms and apps for their old
analog games and toys, and they are being very successful with that. As for customers, we
had 1230 pre-reserved toys on the website (a blind decision, no one knew what Ferrorama
would look like). It was sold out 1 month after it's release, the project was featured 3 times on
Twitter Brazil Trending Topics. So, this shows that they just loved the idea and got into the
journey with us, sharing, interacting and promoting the trip.


Come Back Ferrorama