USAA enhances its top-rated iPhone app with tools to simplify the car buying experience


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Auto Circle puts car buyers in the driver's seat by making the vehicle purchase process simple and transparent. The program provides new tools that give USAA members access to find, finance and insure a new or used car.

The integrated Auto Circle experience is available at and through USAA's top-rated iPhone application. The app allows USAA members to:

  1. Find the car of their dreams all on their phone.
  2. Research makes, models and features.
    • Search for automaker cash-back incentives.
    • Get a great deal on a new car.
    • Members get a guaranteed lowest price through one of the more than 3,000 certified USAA dealerships, resulting in an average savings of $4,508 off MSRP.
  3. Members can secure an auto loan from USAA with member-only rates for new cars. USAA then transfers the money to the dealer electronically.
  4. Insure the vehicle without calling USAA.
    • USAA auto policy holders can check insurance costs before they buy and easily update insurance coverage from the dealer's lot.

USAA's research found that many people view the experience of finding and purchasing a car to be stressful and frustrating. With this app, USAA is simplifying members' lives, saving them money and strengthening member relationships and loyalty.

To help make this experience as convenient and stress-free as possible, USAA developed these innovative new mobile and online features. Before Auto Circle launched, USAA hosted financial and military bloggers from around the world for a two-day preview event at the USAA headquarters. Social and traditional media outreach generated more than 40 million impressions through more than 240 broadcast, online media and blog posts. Through the first 11 days of launch, there were 140,000 visits to the app landing page,; there was an 80% increase in unique daily visitors to the car buying service; a 40% increase in USAA member contacts to auto dealers.

August 2010 to present

USAA enhances its top-rated iPhone app with tools to simplify the car buying experience