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It is not widely known that the #1 killer among women is heart disease and that it can be prevented. Most women don't realize they are at risk and with no evident symptoms, they can easily ignore the issue. Our challenge was get women to care about their heart health.

Understanding that heart health, particularly among women, is realistically years away from becoming a veritable movement, Becel realized that we CAN move the dial in the meantime by creating a community on to facilitate spreading the message about heart health.

At the time of this document, the total number of Facebook community members is at 19,330: (11,335 English, and 7,995 French).

To put these numbers in context, this page -- which targets only women who are in the lowest engagement group around heart health (pre-contemplative) -- is the second most popular Facebook page in Canada discussing heart issues, rapidly approaching the fan numbers of the Heart and Stroke Foundation (22,000 people), which is inclusive of both genders and all levels of heart disease awareness.

As important as the community reach is the community makeup. Both pages are 90% female, with the largest demographic segment being women 35-44 -- our precise target for the Heart Truth program.

February 10, 2009 to present

Becel - Love Your Heart