Questus and Suzuki's Busa Beats MC Battle

By Questus, Inc.

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The Hayabusa, aka "Busa," was Suzuki's undisputed sport bike maverick and proven to be the fastest production motorcycle in the world. However, Questus discovered that Suzuki was failing to communicate with a significant portion of the Busa market — its urban audience. Questus created a targeted campaign, Busa Beats MC Battle, which connected with Hayabusa's urban audience powerfully and authentically through hip-hop.

The MC Battle united celebrity music producers with consumers to create custom Busa Beats tracks and promote the bike. Site users created hip-hop songs about the Hayabusa by recording tracks over the beats created by world-class hip-hop producers. Hayabusa loyalists spread the word through content mash-ups, rap battles and user-generated contests. Thousands of songs were recorded and shared through the site and on social media hubs such as MySpace via a Busa Beats branded player.

Questus' Busa Beats is a long-term social media campaign that connected Suzuki to a previously untapped market and fundamentally changed the brand's positioning. Busa Beats MC Battle united celebrity music producers with consumers to create custom tracks to promote the Hayabusa bike. By resonating with Hayabusa's urban audience authentically through hip-hop, Busa Beats created powerful brand ambassadors from this once-unrecognized group.

First unleashed in 2008, Busa Beats invigorated and infused adrenaline into the Suzuki brand and established Hayabusa as the leader among a loyal and influential audience, who in turn became advocates for the brand. The initiative was such a huge success that Questus relaunched the MC Battle this past March 2010 and announced its newest winners in July.

Since its inception, Busa Beats has racked up over 300,000 plays, over 20,000 tracks recorded/submitted and an average of 21 minutes on site during battle.

March 2008 to July 2008; March 2010 to July 2010

Questus and Suzuki's Busa Beats MC Battle