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27th January 2006 : Mittal steel launches a bid on rival steelmaker Arcelor.
The bid was to last 6 months, becoming a symbol of globalization.
It was followed and linked by a huge numbers of stakeholders:

Governments - European Union - US State department - Other steel companies - Press (financial and daily) - Shareholders - Unions
It ended with a $40 billion transaction that has transformed the steel industry.

But in the aftermath of the battle, creating a united, one face to customer, and culturally integrated company was the real challenge.

Arcelor Mittal Web TV has 3 main objectives:

In order for these objectives to be fulfilled to their maximum potential only a detailed and sustained campaign will be effective. We must act now.

A hard-hitting bi-monthly documentary of 4-5 minutes per episode featuring ArcelorMittal employees and customers. It will show the entire world of ArcelorMittal, expressing its structure and its values, from every corner of the globe. Employees and clients will know exactly who ArcelorMittal are and what they stand for. Meaning that at the time of the launch, company consolidation and market response will be at it's peak.

But Web TV will be much more than a documentary.

It will be interactive through the website, highly accessible and highly visible to all necessary parties through a strategic marketing campaign.

Arcelor Mittal Web TV is imperative to show employees and the world that Arcelor Mittal has undergone a positive merger and that their combined forces are stronger, better and more effective than ever before for both employees and customers.

By giving the audience power
An apparently transparent company shows extreme confidence at all levels
Involving every level of employees through out the company shows consolidation
Featuring the customer as number one priority shows business focus
Building up momentum for the brand launch will create support, exposure and impact
Allowed us to create "season 2 and 3"

The web tv in a few figures' (over 2 seasons)

1,757,000 visitors
875,000 returning visitors
More then 2 Million page views (means that people read our articles as well)
A 15% increase of visitors every month
152,283 complete downloads of the video (not counting the ones who stop it before the end)
17,050 view on youtube of the trailers (28 trailers)

from January 2007 to present

ArcelorMittal Web TV