How our coordinated social media campaign led to a partnership with Domino's Pizza

By Bazaarvoice

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They called it the "Pizza Turnaround." Last December, Domino's Pizza began a campaign that told the story of how negative feedback from customers and focus groups led the company to change its 50-year-old recipe. The campaign caught our attention at Bazaarvoice, because we study and champion the transformative power of negative reviews. Here was a company acting on feedback, doing what so many won't: embracing negative feedback as a tool to improve their core product line. The Bazaarvoice marketing team planned a taste test, pitting the new Domino's recipe against the brand's top two national competitors. We recognized that even if Domino's didn't win, they had a story worth sharing, as they'd demonstrated action and accountability to customer feedback. At the same time, if they did win, the story would be that much better! With the taste test finished and video complete, we formulated a social media strategy to distribute our fresh content as widely as possible. It was important that, while the pieces of the campaign naturally fit together to tell the larger overall story, each channel on its own served unique interests. The audience didn't need to experience every piece for our story to resonate (and hopefully, to reverberate across the social space).

Ultimately, the partnership with Domino's originated from our multichannel approach, which other companies can emulate:

Using our blog, a YouTube video, our corporate Twitter presence, our employee networks and Facebook, we caught the ear of Domino's execs. They spoke at our annual Summit, and eventually became the first quick-service restaurant in our community of 850 partner brands across 17 verticals. It all started with a well-executed, creative social media plan.

February 7th, 2010

How our coordinated social media campaign led to a partnership with Domino's Pizza