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Quality education does not need to live behind a closed door or a price tag.

Inbound Marketing University (IMU) is a free internet marketing training and certification program for business professionals, created by HubSpot. Members of the IMU community create profiles, watch 16 online classes presented by marketing experts, and take an on-demand certification exam -- all on their own time.

By offering marketers free education and certification that can make them more competitive in the workforce, win more clients, or earn a promotion, IMU fosters thankful evangelists who spread their experiences with friends and colleagues, fueling the program's growth. Approximately 20,000 professionals have created profiles and watched the webinar classes, and over 1,800 individuals have earned the Inbound Marketing Certification.

The goals of IMU are to:

1. Provide valuable inbound marketing education and certification for free
2. Ensure that sharing the education is a natural, easy and beneficial process
3. Spread the inbound marketing methodology
4. Generate prospects and leads for HubSpot inbound marketing software

To reach these goals, in 2010, IMU increased the value of the certification by offering graduates new tools to position themselves as experts and share their successes with their networks. For example, IMU added an honors website badge, gave graduates the opportunity to host the training videos on their own websites, created a user-generated blog written by hand-picked graduates (called Inbound Marketing Educators), and built a written curriculum for graduates to use to teach their peers.

Results include:

10,000 new members since January, 2010
1,800 Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals
8-9% monthly member growth rate in 2010
45% growth in leads from Q1 to Q2 2010
20 Inbound Marketing Educators
3,600 IMU classes watched in July, 2010 (48% growth since May, 2010)

June 2009 - Present

Inbound Marketing University