MSOE Bridge Admissions Social Community

By MSOE, developed by 7Summits

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Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is a private, non-profit university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MSOE was looking for ways to transform their admissions experience to be more engaging and connect with a generation that lives on social media. MSOE partnered with 7Summits to develop a rich online "owned" community and integrated application tool that engages prospective students in an ongoing discussion. The robust online community, Bridge, creates a space where students, parents, and counselors can share resources and engage in conversation. It also serves as a launch pad to the admissions process. Once a part of the community, candidates can apply via a powerful application form using Facebook Connect that is directly integrated with MSOE's back office ERP. An online dashboard is then available for students to follow an advanced tracking monitor, review accomplishments, and learn what steps are needed to gain acceptance to the program.

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- Reached '13 application goal nine months early and acceptance goal five months early!
- Admission counselors increasing productivity by 30%.
- Electrical engineering saw almost 2X enrollment
- Retention rate from accepted to deposit jumped from 30% to 38% in one year
- Overall accepted student summer melt decreased by 5%
- Admission counselors reduced outbound volume by 66% freeing up time to interact with prospective students in community.


- Deeper insight into MSOE fit per student, did affect stronger matriculation rate
- Made admissions more accessible and convenient by reducing communication and operational friction in the process
- Provided an experience people liked spending time with by getting to know what matters to them and serving those needs
- Built MSOE brand preference by fostering relationships with prospective and enrolled students
-Multiple tiers of increasing involvement through gamification creates smaller commitments that made larger commitment easier

January 2012 - August 2013

MSOE Bridge Admissions Social Community