Social Awesomizer Campaign

By Rise Interactive

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In 2013, Rise Interactive set out to develop innovative ways to drive traffic to their website, reach new audiences, and build brand advocates using social media. They began by blazing a new trail in B2B influencer marketing (a.k.a awesomizer marketing at Rise) and pioneering a new concept called employee amplification.

The process is as follows: Rise identifies an awesomizer, creates custom content and shares (but not just with them). Rise also creates a contest to inspire employees to amplify the reach. Rise creates custom, trackable URLs for each employee, suggested social copy and sends an email to the employees to share socially. While manual at first, Rise developed proprietary software that's now almost fully automated.

Thus far, the results have surpassed initial projections and the strategy remains a vital piece of the marketing mix. Continued innovation has lead to the next BIG campaign at Rise, set to launch in September.

The goals for the Social Awesomizer Campaign were to develop innovative ways to drive traffic to the Rise Company website, reach new audiences, and build brand advocates using social media. Our campaigns produced the following results:

- The "Power of Fans" infographic drove 14,504 visits within 48 hours of posting; 98% of those were new visits.
- In February 2013, the Rise site received 24,731 page visits, nearly a 180% spike from the month prior.
- The employee amplification project started as a very manual process for internal use and has evolved into a web based platform that has become a new business unit. Thus far, two clients have added this service.
- Rise blog visits reached a three-month high in August after the "Daydream" infographic launched.
- Ongoing business relationships were established with both influencers - Travis Wright has remained a brand advocate and the AMA has become a long-term partner of Rise Interactive.
- Although only recently launched, the "Daydream" Campaign has resulted in three meetings with prospective clients.

February 2013 to present

Social Awesomizer Campaign