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Enjoyment in security means "I'm not hacked" or "My business isn't hacked." At Webroot, we realized that our business customers are not only satisfied in terms of our antivirus protection, but they truly love the innovative approach that we've taken on security - and in January 2013, we created a program to identify these folks and cultivate the relationship.

Rather than a typical loyalty or referral program, we simply asked people to help impact the industry. No incentives. No requirements other than being a happy customer. In a few short months, this idea is now a full program - with 210 members, an online community, video testimonials, branding, participation in case studies and more. The Ambassadors have not only helped us tell our story better, but they've taught us about the pains that we can help future customers overcome when they switch to a cloud security solution.

Despite the newness of the program, we have been able to see that of our 210 of our Ambassadors, 20% have created new business for the company. They've done this via referrals, renewals and influence during the sales process.

We also recently added some of our customer video testimonials to our business landing pages as an A/B test. The version with the video testimonial increased page conversion from 2.29% to 7.74%. From a marketing standpoint we've been able to obtain 100+ written testimonials, 14 video testimonials, and case studies as valuable marketing assets. Lastly, our Ambassadors have been able and willing to join our sales team on sales calls to give third party credibility to our product which has increased conversion.

January 2013 to present

Webroot Ambassador Program