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We created the Brainshark Champion program to capture the tremendous goodwill of our enormous fan base. Our customers and users already provide us with testimonials, reviews, and case studies. However, we knew that if we could organize and nurture them, we would be able to do so much more together. So we created an online community using Influitive's AdvocateHub. Here, our customers turn into advocates by participating in challenges, ranging from retweeting a blog post to referring a new prospect to us.

As a part of this community, our champions get opportunities to learn, network with each other, and improve their mastery of our products - making it a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Earlier this year, we even got our employees involved in the program, working alongside our customers to increase our brand awareness and user base.

By engaging our customers we have been able to achieve some amazing results in a very short time:

- 106% boost in Twitter activity by customers and employees. In addition, there was a multiplier effect
- 4x as many opt-in reference customers (from under 20 to 87)
- Immediate recruitment of 25 beta customers, up from only a couple
- 15% customer response rate to product surveys (compared with 2% through traditional means)

In addition, we are finding more and more unexpected benefits from our Champion Program, including boosts in reviews and online recommendations, brand advocacy, and a more educated and expert user base.

January 2013 to present

Brainshark Champion