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By Analog Devices, Inc.

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EngineerZone is a technical support community designed to support design engineering customers across the globe, designing in Analog Devices' parts into their next product.

The Problem:
How can we improve our support mechanism and help customers get their products to market faster?
How do we scale our support resources across 60,000 core market customers and fragmented application areas who do not have access directly to a salesperson or FAE?
How do we offer support options to customers 24x7, globally and beyond phone and web form submission?
How do we improve customer loyalty and retention, as well as repeat sales?

We recognized that:
Engineers support needs had changed, requiring faster time to market and more, complex projects
More design expertise needed across the entire signal, no longer specialized
One-to-many support leverages the "wisdom of the crowd"
Engineers can "self-serve" and search vast amounts of technical discussions

In 2009, ADI launched EngineerZone for the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Division. Within a year later, additional divisions and product lines were added and the site now supports over 15 user community topics.

1. Community membership has been surveyed in 2011 and again in 2012 and we found the following:
- 78% of respondents find content valuable or extremely valuable - Up 8% from the previous year
- Over 90% of respondents said the information was helpful to their design
- 85% of respondents said information was easy to find
- 84% agreed that using the community helped them speed their design process
- 76% were more likely to purchase ADI products knowing EngineerZone was available as a resource
- The largest percentage of the respondents said they find their answer 50-60% of time just searching existing community content

2. Membership continues to grow and total registered users are up 86% over last year

3. Page views increased over 10% year over year, with membership up 72%

4. Access the Groundswell page for details!

April 2009 to present

EngineerZone Technical Support Community