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Virgin Atlantic is a major British success story. From the first leased jumbo to the UK's second largest long haul airline, the company has come a long way, while winning a multitude of awards along the way. Virgin Atlantic is also continually working towards delivering to its company mission: To grow a profitable airline, where people love to fly and where people love to work. Therefore it's no surprise engagement & experience is at the forefront for Virgin Atlantic.

The Engagement Platform: Virgin Atlantic Blog was created with the aims to: 1). aid SEO strategy (providing a pass link between & the Blog while becoming the authority for content & destination info in the travel arena), 2). add reach, depth and longevity to marketing spend/campaigns, 3). become the central social connection hub (linkages to FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and 4). make content more "shoppable" while increasing sales through a service approach".

The Virgin Atlantic Blog was launched in March 2013 achieving over 338K unique visitors in less than 6 months, just 4% short of the same number of unique visitors for the whole of the previous 12 months (based on the old Wordpress platform).

The Blog today often outperforms Facebook from an engagement perspective when the same content is shared eg. Likes & engagement on Virgin Atlantic's latest Uniforms attracted 997 Likes on Facebook and over 2.4K on the Blog. April Fools Day glass bottom content attracted 4K Likes on Facebook and over 13K Likes on the Blog.

Additionally due to the advanced search capabilities the blog has seen a 12% uplift in organic search traffic, with 44% coming direct and 33% from referrals on, Facebook, Twitter etc. New customer traffic is also up 40%, those coming through on the blog and purchasing through to Results: a 20% uplift on the average basket size and a 27% uplift in the number of items being seen in the basket.

March 2013 - present

The Engagement Platform: Virgin Atlantic Blog