Oracle Owns The Cloud

By ZenithOptimedia

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Oracle is the #1 company for enterprise Hardware and Software . In recent times, IT decision making has democratized beyond the IT departments to include business decision makers . This democratization posed a messaging challenge to Oracle, as their existing marketing materials did not speak to both Business and Technology decision makers, or engage them in meaningful debate.

We decided the best approach to resonating with both business and tech audiences was to get them to debate a key theme within tech and business. And, we would do it in a creative (and Social) way. We invited tech enthusiasts, artists and photographers to design the front cover of the Cloud edition of ComputerWeekly. The contest asked participants to visually interpret how cloud based computing will radically transform business and the way people work. We then syndicated the entries across Oracle's Cloud Facebook page, asking Oracle's fans to debate which entries deserved to be on the cover of ComputerWeekly.

Over a three week period, we received over 280 design submissions to the contest ( And, we created over 100 page posts with the submissions that we syndicated across Oracle's Cloud Facebook page. The audience engagement far exceeded our expectations:

- 14% Total Post Reach* of Posts (+100% Above Average Oracle Posts)
- 125K Social Interactions (Likes, Comments, Shares, Tweets (Oracle, TalentHouse Pages)
- Social Reach (Actual Newsfeed Reach): 995K

In the end, we accomplished our goal of reaching both a business and tech audience. But, more importantly, we owned the conversation around Cloud on Facebook during the 3 weeks of the contest.

April 12th - May 3rd

Oracle Owns The Cloud